I retired after forty years in academia. I still explore and teach. Only the venue has changed.


Research & Teaching

Walking beaches is just one of the many aspects of my research. I have studied theoretical biological systems, desert and island ecology, marine vascular plants, geographic information system, tropical agricultural systems, urban ecology, and advanced computer networks. Most recently, I've been deeply involved with ethnobotany.

My teaching career has been nearly as wide as my research interests.



Stories are integration of words, pictures and diagrams. This is intended to be a richer experience than a set of photos. The words and graphic tell the story together. The format of the stories depends on how the materials were integrated and the platform used for delivery. The diversity in the stories comes, in part, from a desire to experiment with the many facets of this medium.


My academic research has taken me all over the world. I continue to explore new places. In addition, I push the boundaries on ways to travel.

Many trips have been, and continue to be, for research and meeting colleagues. Other trips focus on learning more about the world, including its cultures. There are family trips and a few just for fun.



A compilation of video modules on a variety of subjects using a number of techniques. My general goal, at this stage, is to find ways to "repurpose" existing instructional materials in ways that make them more relevant and useful. This includes experimenting with new video gear.


It is really about digital imaging. I try to go beyond photography. Sometimes my goal is to provide comprehensive documentation. Other times I strive for self-expression.

I am comfortable using a range of digital image processing techniques and enjoy experimenting to create new ways to improve documentation and self-expression.


DNA Music

Music tracks from the album created by John Dunn and Kim Bridges from DNA sequences.