Dr. Kim Bridges
Professor of Botany, retired
University of Hawai`i at Manoa
600 Queen St #3904
Honolulu, HI 96813
Email: kim@hawaii.edu 
Skype: kimbridges
Google+: google.com/+KimBridges
Site Redesign 
(under development)

Photography Information

I am actively experimenting with photography, in both subject matter and technique. This site is where I keep my notes, advice and general information about what I've found and venues that I hope to explore.
Photo Gallery

I use SmugMug to organize and display my photos. This is where you find my image collections.
Schedule & Travel

I travel. Follow the link to see what I'm planning for this year.
Note the tabs at the top of the page for shortcuts to the schedules.
Smart Car(s)

One Smart car (photo at left) is kept on the mainland where it is used for long-distance trips. I'm pretty compulsive about keeping information about this car and its trips. This is the car that is trying to get to all 50 states. We've recently added a Smart car for driving in Hawai`i.
Research & Teaching

My academic profession continues into my retirement. This is the place to find links to projects and a bunch of other stuff, like workshops and publications.

Website Redesign

I'm doing a major website redesign. The links below get you to the major building blocks of the website.

Stories (PDF: 6mb; Host: ISSUU.com)
The Stories pages provide access to illustrated descriptions of activities, travel, and photography.

Video Modules (PDF: 4mb; Host: ISSUU.com)
A compilation of video modules on a variety of subjects using a number of techniques.

Temporary Project Links

Virtually all of my print materials have been digitized and run through OCR. This is a private library and items are not available to the public. However, you can see the contents of the library on the above link. Note that this library consists primarily of books and research papers. Other documents have been scanned but are not included in this library. The original paper copies consisted of more than a full wall of my office (floor to ceiling) of shelf space. That's about 1,500 items. The size of the scanned version of the library is less than 38GB. The files are located in the cloud and can be word-level searched in Google.

DNA Music
John Dunn and I collaborated on a project that allowed us to play DNA sequences.
Please be patient while these audio files are being reloaded. One file is there now as a demo. More very soon!

Flipboard Magazines
The Flipboard website allows the creation of "magazines." Each magazine focuses on a topic and contains links to original materials (often from a blog or social website) along with links to web page, YouTube videos and audio recordings. The result is an attractive display of information that is particularly suited to viewing on mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

This is a collection of tools that I use. They range from apps for my smartphone and tablets to things I find useful for travel. This is an emerging project so expect to see frequent changes.

There are a number of accumulations of data that are interesting. Fortunately, many are available to the public and they have tools that encourage their examination. In a few cases, there are great visualization tools and you need to provide your own data. The existence of the visualization capability may then stimulate new kinds of explorations.

An 'o'o is a stick, often used by ancient Hawaiians for digging. This project transforms a useful artifact into a modern tool. This implementation is in very early development stages.

Other Links
Note: If you can't find a link here, it might be on my old start page.  Try this link:    https://sites.google.com/site/kimbridges/